Application of the 3G rule (Update)

Dear Climbing Community,

we have slightly modified our internal rule regarding the 3G rule for your benefit.

With valid 3G proof:

  • all areas of the climbing center are available to you
  • you can switch from climbing to bouldering again
  • if you use the catering facilities, you still have to provide your contact details

Without 3G proof:

  • only the use of the outdoor climbing area and the calisthenics facility is possible
  • in the bistro only “to go” purchases can be made

To give our staff a better overview of which people are allowed to use the indoor area, those without 3G proof will get an orange wristband.

We rely on the fairness and the sense of responsibility of each of you to use only the “allowed” areas of the climbing center. In case of violation we would have to make use of our house rules.

We hope for your understanding and wish you a great time with us.

Your climbing gym team