Reopening of the changing rooms, showers and equipment rental on June 29, 2020

Dear climbers

After the successive reopening of our climbing and bouldering area, the changing rooms, showers and equipment rental will be reopened on June 29, 2020 under strict restrictions.

Please read the following regulations carefully!

General information:

  • When entering and during the stay inside the climbing centre a suitable mouth and nose protection has to be worn. Exceptions: during training (climbing, bouldering) and sitting at the table in the bistro area
  • The known opening hours of the climbing centre apply.

Climbing rules:

  • Partner check: Still important, but with the necessary distance of 2 meters for people from outside the household.
  • In the bouldering area you have to refrain from mocking until further notice. Please boulder with the necessary safety reserves.

Entry procedure:

  • Advance online booking of time slots. Via the tab “ONLINEBOOKING” you get to the online booking system.
  • The climbing centre may only be entered with the mouth and nose cover on.
  • We have introduced a “one-way street system”.
  • There are no fastlanes.
  • After check-in at the counter you will reach the climbing areas (in- and outdoor) as well as the boulder room via the staircase. The re-entry into the building (to get to the toilets or the check-out) is via the door of the rolling gate.
  • You can reach the exit via the large wooden staircase inside the building.
  • Please take care to keep your distance and pay attention that only 1 person is in the toilets and showers.

Hygiene measures and distance rule:

  • A mouth and nose protection is not mandatory for bouldering and climbing, but everyone can decide on its use on his own responsibility.
  • Please wash your hands and use the disinfectant dispensers immediately before climbing on the facility.
    The general hygiene measures mentioned below must be strictly adhered to.
  • A safety distance of 2 meters must be maintained throughout the entire facility when playing sports. In order to guarantee this, only a limited number of people will be allowed to climb, among other things some safety lines will be closed for this purpose. Please keep to this, as we are obliged to enforce these regulations on our facility. In order that you can still enjoy the whole variety of tours, we regularly change the approved lines.
  • Recommendation for the use of magnesia to prevent lubricant infections:
    “Magnesia Alba” as a widespread aid in climbing has a PH value of at least 10. In the alkaline range, viruses are no longer detectable after a short exposure time. As an additional measure, the use of Liquidchalk with at least 70% alcohol
    recommended. According to the IFSC Medical Commission (Medical Commission of the International Climbing Federation), Liquidchalk is a disinfectant if it contains 70% or more alcohol – additional hand disinfection is therefore guaranteed.

General hygiene and contact prohibition rules:

  • Persons who have had contact with COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days, as well as persons with fever or symptoms of an acute respiratory disease of any severity are not allowed to enter the climbing centre.

If persons develop symptoms during their stay at the climbing centre, they must leave the premises immediately.

  • Refrain from shaking hands, hugs, welcome kisses
  • cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief
  • One-time use of handkerchiefs
  • Frequent hand washing – in any case before starting climbing and bouldering
  • Keep your distance: the 2-meter sport distance rule is binding.
  • For regular hand hygiene, the hand basins in the toilets, as well as in the handicapped WC with soap dispensers are available. Disinfectant dispensers are installed in the entrance area, opposite the toilets and in the outdoor climbing area.

There will probably be many changes in this dynamic process. We will keep you informed, please pay attention to the newsletter and our other communication channels.

Best wishes and stay healthy!
Your climbing gym team

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